Yapi Kredi switches to KAL software for an enhanced customer experience


KAL, a world-leading ATM software provider, specializing in solutions for bank ATMs and self-service systems of all types for the banking industry, has produced a video showcasing how Yapi Kredi, a leading Turkish bank, converted to KAL software on its ATM network of over 4000 machines. In doing so, the bank transformed an outdated system beset by problems to a KAL-based system that delivered a greatly improved user experience with significantly faster transactions.

Yapi Kredi was hampered by a legacy system that offered no multivendor support, no software distribution capabilities, no remote control, and very limited operational visibility of its large ATM network. And when the bank wanted to add new functionalities at its ATMs, the time to market was very slow.

The Turkish bank’s vision was for an ATM network that was aligned with the digital channel to deliver an enhanced customer experience, with a new and intuitive user interface design. Yapi Kredi knew it had the IT expertise to achieve these goals; all the bank needed was the right ATM technology.

KAL ATM Software provided the missing piece of the puzzle. Yapi Kredi used KAL’s K3A ATM application development environment to implement its own multivendor ATM application for its 4,235 ATMs. In addition, it deployed KAL’s KTC Management system to remotely monitor and manage the entire ATM estate.

KAL software provided Yapi Kredi complete flexibility when it came to choosing a migration model that aligned with the extensive skills, subject-matter expertise and advanced technological capabilities of the bank staff. So Yapi Kredi was able to carry out all the necessary customizations and integration work on its own – with training and support from KAL when required. Once the implementation was complete, Yapi Kredi used KTC to remotely convert an astounding 200 ATMs a day from the old legacy software to the new KAL-based software.

Watch the video to find out more about how KAL software was rolled out in record time, cutting costs and improving ATM availability – and ultimately providing Yapi Kredi’s customers with an enhanced and consistent user experience across multiple channels. 

About KAL

KAL is a world-leading ATM software company and the preferred supplier to world mega-banks such as Citibank, UniCredit, ING and China Construction Bank. KAL’s software gives banks full control of their ATM network, reducing costs and improving competitiveness.

For more information, visit www.kal.com

About Yapi Kredi

Yapı Kredi is the fourth largest private bank in Turkey. Established in 1944, it is proud of its  customer-centric core banking focus and innovative banking technologies. Yapı Kredi provides high quality products and services to its customer base of 13.1 million through its 908 branches and 4000-plus ATMs, innovative internet banking, leading mobile banking, direct banking, three call centres and 538,000 POS terminals.

For more information, visit www.yapikredi.com.tr/


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