Xpress-pay now offering online and mobile payments


Xpress-pay is now offering a SubscripXion Plan for online and mobile payments through its portal. Merchants can pay a flat $10 fee per month for unlimited credit card payments, eCheck payments, or $15 a month to accept both, according to a press release.

This monthly fee helps cover administrative accounts. The consumer pays a site fee for delivery and security costs with this plan as well. By enrolling, merchants also gain other features, including:

  • Branded visitor experience.
  • Electronic bill presentment and payment system.
  • Click-to-pay emails.
  • Third party software support.

“There’s been a lot of discussion lately about how payment industry professionals can break into the widely untapped B2B payment space. We’ve been doing it for years now, and are hoping to attract new partners and providers that want to leverage this proven technology to grow their businesses,” James Buttino, president of Xpress-pay, said in the release. “Fraud is also almost nonexistent in these verticals, chargebacks are nominal, and the average tickets are significantly higher than in retail. All of this creates a unique and profitable opportunity for everyone moving forward.”

Topics: Retail / Off-Premises, Transaction Processing

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