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Our head of retail IT, Matt Redwood, was recently asked to describe 2018. He called it the year of self-service, and while that premise may sound pretty straightforward, the retail ecosystem he went on to discuss was anything but. What’s happening in retail right now—from a self-service perspective—is nothing short of an in-store revolution (we call it a Storevolution™). Brick-and-mortar brands have really compelling, evocative new ways to engage and interact with their customers. And as Matt points out in his article, this goes way beyond the traditional grocery store self-checkout.

The industry is used to thinking about self-service as a point-of-sale solution. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In our modern digital ecosystem, shoppers are hopping back and forth between physical and digital experiences. In fact, digital channels influenced $1.3 trillion in brick-and-mortar sales in just one year.

Retailers can leverage that expanded journey to engage at new points on the journey, and track ROI and spend in ways that were never before possible. These new capabilities hinge on recognizing other devices as self-service tools: kiosks, digital signage, beacons, handheld scanners and of course, consumers’ smartphones.

We’ll bring some examples of new retail integration capabilities to New York this month for NRF. At our booth, you’ll be able to call a staffer via your smartphone, ring up clothing on our fashion table, see how we’re guiding shoppers to specific items through geolocation and beacon technology, and even connect in-home TV viewing to targeted ads sent to a mobile phone (the visibility into marketing ROI is pretty mind-blowing).

As we enable consumers to conduct their shopping journey the way they want to, at every step of the way, we’re building brand loyalty and making the journey more seamless. Simultaneously, with fewer employees tied to traditional process roles, your staff can help customers where they actually need it: in the aisles, when they have a question or need advice. And from start to finish, you reap the benefits of gaining a deeper understanding of your customers—both at the individual level and at the aggregate. That’s how retailers will succeed in the era of connected commerce.

Make sure you don’t miss any of our demos! Book a booth appointment today, or visit us at booth #4800 during the show. I’ll see you at NRF!



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