What is a cashless ATM kiosk ?


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Due to the availability of day-to-day technologies, there is the ability to provide various and up-to-date customer services.

 In fact, the non-cash kiosk is among the new generation of self-service banking devices, which can be implemented on the basis of the needs of the customer and the infrastructure of each bank, providing a variety of digital banking services. An ATM or non-cash kiosk can play a role in developing electronic banking as well as reducing the traffic burden of ATMs .

The position of 
non-cash kiosk in the banking industry

The statistics show more than 53The percentage of ATM transactions is for non-cash withdrawals, such as transferring funds, receiving balance, paying bills, paying for facility fees, viewing multiple end-of-life accounts, purchasing cell phone charges, etc. One of the clever uses of non-ATMs. Cash, using them alongside ATMs. By doing so, banks can easily manage the front of ATMs, and in times of overwhelming demand for high cash demands, other customers will be driven to use non-cash ATMs. By doing so, not only will customers be more satisfied, but also banks will keep their customers and prevent losing speed on ATMs. In addition, due to the small size and low cost of ATMs, they can be installed in smaller complexes.

The main function of the non-cinematic kiosk

·         Provision of non-bank services (internal and accelerated transfer of funds, card services, services without cards and accounts …)

·         Providing payment services (paying bills, purchasing, charging cards, etc.)

·         Providing value added services (barcode reader, services and ticket cards and special tickets for restaurants, shopping centers, metro centers and transportation networks, etc.)

·         Payment and repayment of facilities with internal and accelerated cards for facilities (domestic)

·         Provide contactless and support of transactions that

Advantages of non-cash kiosks:

•          Realization of all expectations of non-cash ATM services

· The         appropriate speed in providing customer service

·         Delete the queue and the non-subscriber transaction rate of the branches

·         Support of two-dimensional bar code, card and Mifare and magnet

·         Uninterrupted availability and 24 -hour banking services

·         Simple installation in commercial, office and residential centers

·         Ability suite of services for businesses of different

·         No need for a network cable to communicate with network acceleration

·         Simplicity, security and user-friendliness of the system (touch screen)

·         Removal of cash management costs (money transfer, money transfer and deposition)

·         Small and optimal size

·         Comfortable and cheap support

·          Freight transportation, installation and maintenance simple

·          Ability to advertise on the monitor screen

·          Ability to authenticate biometrics (fingerprints)

·          No need to install security equipment such as a separate camera (intelligent internal camera)

Finally, it can be said that the development of non-cash kiosks in addition to helping banks to develop e-banking and digital banking services is one of the most important tools for the development of branches and the re-opening of bank branches and preparing banks to enter the era of digital banking. .

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