Using Humor in the ATM Industry


Chuck Goodman is the principle for ATM Recruiter, the only recruiting company dedicated to working with the ATM industry. While many people know Chuck or have seen him at ATM industry conferences, most people are unaware of his past as a stand-up comedian. ATMIA sat down with Chuck to find out more about what got him on the stage…and what drew him to the ATM industry.

Q: We think you have a story to tell, Chuck. Where do you want to start?

A: Well, I was born in Cleveland, Ohio. My earliest childhood memories was being loaded into the family station wagon to go watch the Cuyahoga River burn. The river burning sparked a big debate between my parents. Dad wanted to move us somewhere healthier and less toxic. We moved to New Jersey.

Chuck waits for the chuckles to subside before he continues, chuckling a little himself.

Yeah, I call the toxic triangle home, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut.  It wasn’t too bad because we ended up living near the beach. I was sailing and boating by the time I was 11. In fact, I had a Snark – one of these extremely lightweight, one-piece injection-molded boat with a sail attached to it. I sailed that thing all the way across Long Island sound. Probably not the smartest thing I could have done.

From comedy, I learned a lot about people in a group setting. Learning what motivates people to make a decision, to laugh or to make a job change is key.

Q: (laughter) Clearly luck was on your side. So you were a kid who took risks. After surviving this harrowing adventure, what came next?

A: Well, let’s see…I trained as a machinist in high school and worked in an automotive shop at 18, but neither of those careers were for me. Instead I decided to deliver waterbeds to put myself through college. Those things were real big back then. Things were kind of trucking along until the sales people were too busy to wait on a particular customer and I ended up selling him a bed.

When I delivered the bed the guy had this sweet new (1983) Toyota Supra in his driveway. We started talking cars and it turned out this guy ran a Toyota dealership. He invited me to come over to his dealership for a test drive.

Now there was no way I was going to be able to afford a Supra. I was a waterbed delivery guy and college student. But I eventually stopped by to take one out. We get to talking again and he ends up offering me a sales job. I said, ‘do I get to drive a Supra?’ He laughs and says, ‘top man drives anything he wants.’ Seven months later I was driving a Supra.

Q: So…sailor, machinist, mechanic, delivery boy/college student, car salesman. Where does the standup comedy come in?

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