Transport Tracker Offers Protection for Cargo and Logistics Companies


From high-end electronics to food and beverages, opportunistic cargo thieves continue to seek out commodities that can be easily fenced or resold on the black market. Fortunately, with 3SI’s Transport Tracker, companies can now protect cargo at another point of vulnerability — while in transport. The Unit ensures the safe arrival of shipments and can aid in the investigation of cargo theft.

Transport Tracker uses advanced technology to detect when and if a shipment has been breached. The Unit can send an alarm indicating that the package has deviated from a programmed route, or has been opened at an unscheduled time or unapproved location. The alarm information includes geolocation data, time and date stamp. Both long-term and short-term use models are available to meet different customer needs. Key features of this innovative technology include:

  • Secure web portal with Route Watch™ to provide notification if shipments deviate from a pre-programmed route
  • Real-time GPS tracking with GSM Cell Tower back-up
  • Automated reports and arrival notices sent immediately upon arrival
  • SecureFlight™ approved on over 25 global airlines. GPS certified under CE/FCC guidelines
  • Optional temperature-sensing for refrigerated shipments

Transport Tracker is offered by 3SI through a strategic partnership with a leading U.S. logistics and supply chain security company.

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