Transguard is Hotelier Middle East’s HR Outsourcing Partner at its eighth annual Great GM Debate


William Moroney (WM), Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Transguard Group in a Q&A with Hotelier Middle East(HME)

HME: Why is it important that you support the Hotelier Middle East: Great GM Debate? 

WM: Transguard has been operating within the Hospitality sector for over a decade and we collaborate with both local and international brands. This forum is a unique opportunity to share our service offering to a wider target audience.

HME: What do you think are the main challenges facing UAE hotel GMs in 2017? 

WM: A primary challenge our clients face is the continued pressure to deliver enhanced guest experiences while remaining market competitive. In addition, there is genuine concern around finding and retaining qualified and trained staff that positively represent the hotels brand. Transguard’s Hospitality team has the resources to ease these challenges as it has developed advanced recruitment and training strategies to provide its clients with committed, high calibre, experienced individuals. As the average room rate declines due to an increase in the number of hotels; efficiency becomes vital for hotels to remain competitive in the current market and outsourcing is a prime solution to this challenge.

HME: What most excites you about the UAE hotel industry in 2017? 

WM: The hospitality sector in the UAE operates at international standards of excellence, with a myriad of options for both business and leisure guests. The hotel industry is a highly innovative environment with continuous fast paced changes that raise the standards even further. With numerous openings planned from key brands in the next 12-14 months and the number of keys ever increasing in the UAE, this is an exciting time to operate within the industry.

HME: What are the main topics you expect to come up at the Hotelier Middle East: Great GM Debate? 

WM: A focus on continuously improving the customer experience while remaining cost competitive, with a strong emphasis on how to retain trained and qualified staff. Additionally, the advancement and implementation of technology to enhance customer experience.

HME: What are the latest product launches from your company? 

WM: Transguard has a dedicated team that is committed to providing the industry with high quality staff who embed themselves into a brand’s DNA. When we enter a new partnership, we make great effort to understand the specific operational needs of our client and accordingly design a solution. We train and support our employees to make a difference in our clients’ business. For that reason, we invest heavily in developmental trainings through our Centre of Excellence and Training Academy.

HME: What other news can we expect from your company in 2017/2018? 

WM: Further diversification into more service offerings, as well as developments in training of new and current staff through increased investment in our Centre of Excellence and Training Academy. Our Centre of Excellence is a major step forward in the training of our staff where we now have the ability to build custom property modules to train our staff on a temporary or permanent basis. This allows us to give the employee a much better and more hands-on training experience as well as providing a better outcome for our clients.


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