Transguard Group inaugurates new AED 3.8 million Centre of Excellence with target to train 75,000 staff by 2020



Leading business services provider Transguard Group, opened today its new AED 3.8 million 38,000 square feet, Centre of Excellence, located at Dubai Investment Park (DIP), which is tasked with training 75,000 Transguard staff by 2020.

Fully capable of developing Transguard’s expanding workforce, which surged past the 60,000 employee mark this month, the new facility will host training courses for up to 450 staff every day, with the centre expected to run a near-24/7 operation during peak business periods, to meet intense industry demand.

Commenting on the new centre, Greg Ward, Managing Director, Transguard Group, said:

“Training and development at Transguard is more than just a vital management tool, it provides the foundation through which we create a motivated and passionate workforce who are inspired to continuously improve, grow their careers and in turn, provide the best possible service to our customers.

“With our new, purpose-built centre, we expect to train around 25,000 technicians every year, meaning our new Centre of Excellence will train 75,000 staff by 2020 – a significant number by any business standard. Our objective is clear, we want to create one of the most agile, educated and tech-savvy workforces in the region.” 

Transguard has 39 trainers, team leaders, teachers, facilitators and specialists based at the centre.  

Over 170 courses will be undertaken, under nine key areas: Administration Skills, Hard Skills, Project Management Skills, Reporting Skills, Soft Skills, Software and Applications, Technical Skills, TG Leadership Skills and TG Management Skills. Additional courses range from Office Management, Document Control, Building Development and Critical Thinking, to Social Media Strategy, Team Building and Managing Safely.

The appropriate cleaning courses are accredited by BICS, while also meeting Transguard Group’s internal standards. Courses in specialist cleaning, K9 handling and Lean 6 Sigma and English language courses will also be delivered at the centre.

“English is the universal language of business and a proficient command of the English language is vital. Language courses are offered to every member of the Transguard team, without exception,” said Ward.

Transguard’s English language training is benchmarked against the Common European Framework of Language, which leads to officially and internationally recognised qualifications. At the point of recruitment, all staff members are tested for their English proficiency and those who excel are encouraged to take an internationally recognised Cambridge University English exam, a process managed by five Cambridge University qualified English Language teachers. The language training centre also offers intensive language courses and 96-hour development courses, as well as a range of self- and home-study opportunities.

Located in DIP between Emirates Road and Jebel Ali, and in close proximity to the Expo 2020 site, the two-storey centre comprises offices and classrooms on the first floor. On the ground floor several dedicated mock-up rooms, including a purpose-built apartment, office, clinic and even a fully furnished hotel room complete with a variety of materials and finishes requiring different maintenance solutions and methods. The centre also features a K9 unit with kennels for 16 dogs to support Transguard’s specialist dog handling and detection training.

“We always try to anticipate market trends and we understand there will be many challenges ahead as the UAE, and wider region, adopt a knowledge-based approach to economic development. If we are going to safeguard sustainability, find more efficient ways of operating and retain our market-leading position, we must embrace technology, develop our workforce and innovate,” added Ward.

Transguard has also invested in the welfare of its staff, with beautification works improving green spaces for prayer, relaxation, meditation and leisure, being carried out at a number of its 26 accommodation centres.  Along with UAE healthcare provider Al Tadawi Medical Centre, Transguard has also opened two fully equipped medical facilities in its Muhaisna and Jebel Ali accommodation centres in Dubai and has an extensive CSR programme including volunteering in the community and organises over 360 cultural and sporting events annually for its staff and wider community.


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