TMD Security’s new Note Staining Kit+ Delivers the Next Level in Protection against Both ATM Explosions and Traditional Physical Attacks


SCHAFFHAUSEN, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TMD Security announced today the release of Note Staining Kit+. This new solution uses the same, proven shockwave technology to defend against explosive attacks as its Note Staining Kit, deployed on more than 20,000 ATMs, but has additional optional security features that also rupture the ink canisters in the case of traditional physical attacks, where criminals use tools such as grinders and thermal lances to try and access the cash inside the ATM. 

Ink-staining is used as a criminal deterrent to neutralise the value of notes inside the ATM in the case of a physical attack, to ‘spoil the prize’. However the problem with other ink-staining solutions is that the explosion is so fast that the system is destroyed before there is time to activate the ink.

TMD Security’s shockwave technology is unique because the ink canisters fracture instantly on explosive impact staining one hundred percent of the notes. Also, because there is no dependency on detection sensors, there is no risk of false activations.

The number of explosive attacks is rising, and according to the European Association for Secure Transactions (EAST) there were nineteen explosive attacks per week in Europe on average in 2016. However criminals also continue to use traditional methods. Note Staining Kit+ provides complete protection by defending the cash inside the ATM against these traditional attacks too. Unauthorised attempts to open the safe or access the cash cassettes inside it instantly rupture the canisters of ink and the notes are stained.

‘We have approached the problem of ATM explosions and physical attacks differently to other ink-stain technology providers,’ said Cees Heuker of Hoek, Founder, TMD Security. ‘We not only wanted a game-changing solution that successfully worked in all attack scenarios, but we also wanted to keep operational costs as low as possible for the ATM deployer, with virtually no maintenance, minimal risk of false alerts and no impact on ATM availability and cardholder convenience. ’

TMD Security’s monitoring software is combined with Note Staining Kit+, also Gas Defence Kit and Card Protection Kit, to ensure that the ATM is always protected and that service calls are productive, saving costs and reducing ATM down-time.

TMD Security will share insight on how Note Staining Kit shockwave technology has helped to counter ATM explosive attacks at RBR’s ATM and Cyber Security Conference and in a live webinar hosted by ATM Marketplace.

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