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The Joint Committee on Public Health, Welfare and Labor will hold a hearing November 19 to determine whether I.S.P. 2017-135 will be adopted for interim study. This measure allows a pharmacist who receives a prescription for a brand or trade name drug product or biological product to dispense a generically equivalent drug product or interchangeable biological product only when there will be cost savings for the patient.

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The Department of Public Health and Environment will hold a public hearing November 20 regarding proposed amendments to solid waste site and facility regulations.

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The Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety will hold a public hearing November 20 regarding B. 22-20, which states that a person who sells or offers to sell a product or service to a consumer pursuant to a contract, where such contract automatically renews, shall disclose the automatic renewal clause clearly and conspicuously in the contract, including the cancellation procedure.

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The Agency for Health Care Administration will hold a public hearing November 21 regarding proposed amendments to the rule concerning provider reimbursement schedules and billing codes to adopt updated fee schedules.

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