Testing Proves ATM Cleaning Decreases Deposit Malfunctions, Service Calls


AUBURN, ME, USA, April 3, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — ABC Currency Solutions, in partnership with KICTeam Inc., announced the completion of a five month field test cleaning program for ATMs. The testing was conducted with field techs on targeted devices over the holidays and winter months to capitalize on high device usage and extreme weather conditions. Results demonstrated that regular cleaning of deposit automation modules and card readers showed a 35% reduction in corrective action service calls and a significant improvement in ATM uptime, which ultimately provided a better customer experience. ABC reported that over the testing period they saw “almost no card reader errors”. 

“We knew KICTeam’s cleaning agent, MiracleMagic, and cleaning tools were safe and effective. But the results were far better than we expected,” said Lee Smith, Sales Manager for ABC. “MiracleMagic is the ‘holy grail’ of cleaning agents. It quickly loosened the built up dirt and grime that causes most of the issues we see and the cards, wipes and swisels easily removed it from the devices. KICTeam has the best device cleaning kits on the market and I’ve been in this business over 20 years. “

“KICTeam is delighted to partner with ABC Currency Solutions in providing the programs and products that help them deliver exceptional service to their customers” said Carlos Siewczynski, Sales Director/ Self Service for KICTeam. “Their new cleaning routine has proven extremely effective and their overall cleaning time was reduced which is great for both service companies and financial institutions.”

About KICTeam

KICTeam is the world leading expert in technical device cleaning with a focus on payment and transactional technologies. We are focused on producing the best cleaning programs, effective agents and disposable tools that ensure optimal device performance while reducing service costs. Our cleaning agents working in conjunction with our proprietary Waffletechnology® cleaning cards are the foremost products approved by OEMs. The Auburn, Maine, USA, facility includes production, fulfillment, sales and executive offices with global servicing and distribution in the UK, Canada, Europe, Brazil and Singapore. Visit http://kicteam.com/en/Index

About ABC Currency

ABC Currency Solutions, a Franklin, TN based company, are experts in coin and cash handling devices, including Intelligent ATMs, Currency Counters/Scanners, Self Service Kiosks, Teller Cash Recyclers and Dispensers. ABC prides themselves on offering the best-in-class service provider in their market. Initially in the sales and service of equipment for the financial market they have diversified into the retail market. They have partnered with other professional companies to provide Retail ATM Placement Programs, Green Recycling Programs for all business clientele, Self Service Kiosks Systems and a Retail Sales and Marketing Service.Visit http://www.abccurrency.com/


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