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Calibration Utility for ARGO 15 or ARGO FT Touch Screen

In the event that an ARGO 15” touch screen or touch screen controller board is replaced in the field, user may need to run Triton’s ARGO touch screen calibration utility.  This utility can also be used when experiencing touch response or display alignment problems in the field.  Follow the instructions below to load and run touch screen calibration utility.

  • Visit Log in with username and password.
  • Click on the Software Download link in left hand panel.
  • Click on the ARGO product tab, and type ‘screen’ into the search bar.

  • Save and extract calibration utility software to the root of USB drive.
  • Insert USB drive into an available USB port on an ARGO 15 or ARGO FT main board.
  • Access the Management Functions menu.
  • Restart the terminal via Management Functions > System Parameters > Restart Terminal.
  • Calibration utility will run automatically when ATM powers back on.
  • Touch the screen where blinking X appears and hold until X turns green. Repeat for all four corners of display.

  • When utility is complete, a menu with three options will appear.  Press Exit.

  • Follow directions on prompt to remove USB drive, then turn power switch on power supply to the off (O) position.

  • Wait 5 seconds, then turn the power switch on the power supply to the on (I) position. Screen calibration is complete.

Updating Certificates with Triton Connect

If Triton Connect certificates are updated and/or changed, TLS updates may be required for each ATM communicating with Triton Connect.

TLS updates must be loaded onto ATM before certificates are updated and/or changed for Triton Connect. Failure to do so may cause a failure in Triton Connect communications and require a site visit to the ATM to correct.

Please refer to Technical Bulletin 16-10 and 16-12 for more information. Release notes are available at Software released in these technical bulletins include all necessary certificates for the following units:Software must be version 2.4.0 or greater. If the tsocketocx file is version or higher, no further action is required. If tsocketocx is prior to, a software update must be performed.

                                                         xu20tsck3.0.0.4.tlf for Xscale update              xu30tsck3.0.0.2d.tfv for X2 CE5 update
                                                         t-us-tsck- for X2 CE6 update       t-us-tsck- for X3 update

If you have questions regarding this Technical Bulletin, please contact Technical Support at 1-228-575-3100, option 4 or toll free in the U.S. / Canada 1-866-259-6672, option 4. Visit for additional information. For all ATM parts, repair, and training needs, visit


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