SUZOHAPP to participate at ATMIA ‘ATM and Cash Innovation’ conference



SUZOHAPP will be presenting at the upcoming ATMIA ‘ATM and Cash Innovation’ conference (formerly known as European ATMs) that will take place at the Lancaster London Hotel between the 13th and 14th of June.  

The conference is organized by ATMIA, the trade association representing the entire global ATM industry, bringing together more than 600 banks, network processors, vendors and service providers at one event. This year the conference commemorates the 50th anniversary of the ATM and the 20th anniversary of ATMIA and will cover innovation in relation to ATMs, cash, self-service, branch transformation and multi-channel customer service. 

Walter ter Rahe, Vice President of Sales Banking EMEA for SUZOHAPP, will present ‘The Importance of Coin Recycling’ (Stream 1 – The Cash Cycle; 17:10 – 17:30) as a conference speaker on the opening day. The focus will be on current and new concepts for Banks and Cash in Transit (CIT) companies. “I will highlight a project with the Singapore Mint, bring you pilot feedback from a coin recycling project with the BNPP in France and include some cash recycling facts from the retail industry,” explains Mr. ter Rahe.

The ATMIA conference will be an ideal opportunity to showcase a selection of SCAN COIN cash processing solutions and their sophisticated software platform. The attention will be focused on the innovative CDS-9R, the world’s first self-service coin recycler for public environments. A completely new banking solution for coin deposit as well as coin dispense, the CDS-9R offers the most secure, reliable and effective way to handle self-service cash transactions, removing the need for costly coin roll dispensers and separate coin deposit machines. 

SUZOHAPP will also be showcasing other SCAN COIN note and coin solutions ideal for banking environments, such as:

•    CDS-9 with an integrated HCM note unit for coin deposit and bank note recycling – The original CDS-9 with an integrated note recycling system, transforming the CDS-9 into a full service coin and note handling solution

•    DTC-9 – An answer to the market’s need for reliable and modern cash processing, the DTC-9 utilises unique sensor technology to count and sort coins, while rejecting any damaged or foreign pieces

•    SC-8220 – A smart counting solution that can count and verify bank notes with ease and accuracy, count multiple currencies at the same time, sort different types of notes and create a seamless solution to a common industry problem

“Cash handling should be a fast and simple process with minimal human involvement, giving optimal accuracy. The CDS-9R will transform your customers’ coin handling into a completely automated process. Taking control of cash ensures cost and time savings enabling you to meet the customer with the best service,” said Jim Anderson, Managing Director of SCAN COIN UK.

“Visit us at Booth 20 and discover how we can help automate your cash processing, switching your focus from cash management to value creation. Our unique combination of hardware and software offers you a complete cash solution, including detailed and accurate reporting systems for administration and cash management,” concludes Mr. ter Rahe.


SUZOHAPP is a technology company providing software and hardware for cash handling automation and self-service solutions to more than 25,000 customers throughout the world. SUZOHAPP’s technology enables automation for customers operating in a variety of end markets, including banking, retail, transportation, gaming, vending and amusement. SUZOHAPP’s solutions include cash deposit, recycling, processing and payment systems, as well as a broad range of self-service component technologies. The brands of SCAN COIN, Comestero and CashComplete™ are united under the SUZOHAPP Company. SUZOHAPP’s more than 1,100 employees operate in 19 countries and its dealer network covers more than 100 countries. More information is available at SUZOHAPP is owned by affiliates of ACON Investments, L.L.C., a Washington, D.C.- based international private equity investment firm that has responsibility for managing approximately $4.4 billion of capital. For more information, visit

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