SPIE FLEISCHHAUER and Axis Communications invite planners and installers to an expert forum


Update security technology: IP video from practice for practice

SPIE Fleischhauer GmbH is organizing a planner forum on video security, in cooperation with Axis Communications, for security consultants, planning and engineering firms on 9 November. In addition to theoretical information such as current standards and guidelines, practical applications are also the focus.

What standards should be observed in video? How can the different solutions be applied in practice? What is the purpose of data protection? The planner forum on 9th November 2017 in Hannover answers all these questions and gives the participants the most important aspects in the field of safety engineering. In the half-day event (07:45 – 11:45 hrs) information about the DIN EN 62676 will be delivered, practical examples will be shown and in addition to the current legal situation regarding data protection,

“Hands-on” means the presentation of various scenarios, for example the bandwidth depending on lighting, resolution and image per second. Other topics are the identification of persons or the correct resolution. A representative of the PS store in Einbeck is also invited to the final panel discussion. The museum recently realized a comprehensive security system consisting of a co-ordinated audio, video and software solution. 

The event is tailored to security consultants as well as planning and engineering offices and is limited in number of participants.



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