Protect appoints Global Segment Manager with a focus on banks and ATMs


Danish security fog company Protect A/S was taken over by Danish investment company Genua A/S last spring, which has since focused on further expansion. Two more key employees were added in spring, and a third recruited internally. Protect has just appointed a Global Segment Manager, to focus exclusively on securing banks and ATMs.


Protect’s new Global Segment Manager Bank/ATM is Stine Jensen.

Stine Jensen has worked as an independent London-based consultant in recent years. She also worked at Jyske Bank for a number of years, including 11 years as Security Strategic Manager, with responsibility for the physical security of Denmark’s third-largest bank.


ATMs were already one of Stine Jensen’s focus areas at that time, covering all aspects such as business development, physical security and payment card fraud. This will make her a great sparring partner for Protect’s many customers in the global banking sector.


“Bank/ATM is currently one of the most interesting of our many customer segments, as we have had great success with ATM protection using security fog in recent years. I expect that we have as yet seen only the ‘tip of the iceberg’, and that the global potential is huge,” notes Poul Dalsgaard, CEO of Protect.


Protect appointed Torben Nielsen as new VP and Director of Sales and Marketing, and René Jensen as new VP and Technical Director last spring. The company’s founder, Hjørleif Johansen, was also appointed as Protect’s new R&D Manager.


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Fog cannons made in Denmark

Protect A/S currently exports around 90 per cent of its production to over 50 countries worldwide. Protect is the undisputed market leader in Denmark, selling its fog cannons through a nationwide network of professional alarm installation contractors.


Since Protect was established in 2001, the company has manufactured and installed more than 70,000 security fog systems worldwide. The systems have been installed at customers such as banks, goldsmiths, opticians, radio/TV and IT retailers, service stations, grocery stores, local authorities and government institutions, as well as in private homes.


Well-known international chains for which Protect has provided security fog include Tesco, 7 Eleven, Rema 1000, ALDI, Hugo Boss, Expert, Q8, Aral, Samsung, CAIXA, McDonalds, Jysk and Matas.


Local customer contact is handled by a nationwide network of certified alarm installation contractors and dealers who possess considerable expertise and experience in relation to installing and operating Protect’s products.


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About Protect A/S

Protect A/S develops and manufactures security fog cannons to protect valuables against

theft. Fog cannons are installed together with conventional security alarms. When the alarm is activated, the room fills with fog dissuading the burglar from entering. If the burglar is inside the room when the fog is discharged, it is impossible for the burglar to see and locate valuables to steal.


Protect was established in 2011 and was formerly co-owned by Poul Dalsgaard, CEO and Claus Damgaard. In February 2017 Protect was bought by the Danish investment company Genua A/S.


Protect has a partnership agreement with the majority of alarm installers in Denmark –

approximately 420 installers. Protect A/S is the absolute market leader on the market of fog cannons in Denmark. 90% of the company´s production of fog cannons is destined for export. Outside Denmark, Protect A/S has a network of distributors in over 50 countries on five continents.


Protect´s range of security equipment currently comprises six basic models: FOQUS, Xtratus, QUMULUS , PROTECT 600i, PROTECT 1100i and PROTECT 2200i, which are all dimensioned for rooms of different sizes. The product range also includes ZOLO GSM Alarm System, which is an independent, wireless alarm system which can control one or more fog cannons, PROTECT Security Strobe – a stroboscopic lamp which reinforces the effect of the fog, as well as PROTECT Security Sounder which is a siren with a deafening effect.


Protect´s list of references includes: Tesco, Sainsbyry´s, Q8, Hugo Boss, McDonald´s, JYSK, Rema 1000, Stark, Matas, Profil Optik, NETTO, Bilka, Føtex, 7-Eleven, Aral, Nike, Georg Jensen, B&O, Sony Center, Expert, Spar, Pilgrim as well as a large number of state institutions, local authorities and private homes. Lately, Protect has won a contract concerning installation of fog cannons in 1,500 branches of the biggest bank in Brazil.


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