Portuguese can already raise money without using their bank card


by SIBS – Forward Payment Solutions S.A.

Now you just have MBWAY, Portugal’s most modern and complete payment app , to raise money in any of the more than 12,000 MULTIBANCO Boxes scattered all over the country, without having to carry your wallet or card with you.

To do so, simply select the card with whom we want to make the transaction, choose the option “Raise money” in the MB WAY app and enter the amount you want. After authenticating the operation, MB WAY automatically generates a 10-digit code that allows you to carry out the survey in any MULTIBANK box. MB WAY users can also send the code to another person, by notification or sms, so that the user can make a withdrawal of the selected amount.

In MULTIBANCO it is enough to the user (or to whom this one has sent the notification or sms) to press the green key and to enter the code generated by MB WAY to receive the money. This code is unique and has a limited usage time.

The MB WAY survey is as simple and secure as any MULTIBANCO service.

This new feature is associated with the other payment features already available in the MB WAY app: instant transfers (sending or receiving money as if it were an sms, in seconds), purchases (online and in-store) and use of virtual cards (MB NET).

MB WAY is a universal service available for Portuguese bank cards. To enjoy the service, simply join MB WAY (in a MULTIBANCO or Homebanking Box) and use the application available for android, iOS and Windows.

With MB WAY, you have MULTIBANCO always with you, on your mobile phone, even without a wallet.

SIBS thus continues to launch unique and innovative services and contribute to making life easier for the Portuguese.

For more information see the press release or go to www.mbway.pt


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