NCR Expands Service and Repair Offering


NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), the global leader in omni-channel solutions, today announced the launch of its Depot Maintenance Service for its retail point of sale customers complementing the Onsite Service option currently available in Europe. This new offering provides customers with a low-cost flexible maintenance solution, while lessening instore disruption.

The “Return & Repair” Depot Maintenance Service allows customers from across Europe to return point of sale as well as peripheral equipment to strategically placed NCR Depot Facilities and have them repaired and returned to the store within 7-10 days from receipt.

“As a leading retail technology provider, NCR is committed to enhancing its range of solutions to better serve the different needs of our customers,” said Harry Defourny, vice president of Services Europe at NCR. “Through working closely with them, we identified the need to introduce a low-cost option for retail point of sale system repairs. The Depot Maintenance Service provides customers with an affordable solution that allows them to maintain their equipment quickly and conveniently, so they can continue to deliver the instore level of service demanded by their customers.”

In Europe, NCR has offered primarily Onsite Service to customers through its network of skilled professionals based across the continent. With this new maintenance offering, NCR provides one of the broadest services offering for retail point of sale customers across Europe.

Defourny continued: “We understand the pressures our customers are under, whether that be ever evolving customer expectations, cost efficiencies or profit growth. Therefore, customers are looking for solutions that deliver reliability, affordability and convenience. Our growing suite of choices allows us to further meet the needs of our customers, through maintaining their equipment in as a flexible and frictionless way as possible.”

Following the successful launch of the Depot Maintenance Service to NCR channel and distribution customers, the service will now be made available initially to direct customers in Austria, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Great Britain, Spain, France, Ireland and Switzerland.

About NCR Corporation

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