Brings New Affordability to Independent ATM Owners & Operators


DALLAS, TX — Morphis, Inc., a global provider of workflow automation software designed for the ATM and currency supply chain industry, has unveiled a new cloud-based version of its highly acclaimed ATM management system. The new software, designed for smaller ATM operators, is affordable and easy to use – allowing operators to easily manage their ATMs and cash loads as efficiency as larger organizations.


“Let’s face it, not everybody is or wants to be a behemoth like Kahuna, FCTI or Cash Depot,” said Morphis CEO Gary Faulkner. “We see an emerging market with smaller companies that manage hundreds of ATMs, and its being run by just one or two people. But the detail of the business is anything but micro; small ATM deployers need a solution.”


So, Morphis set out to create a solution that would fit the need of independent ATM deployers – without losing any of the functionality that makes their ATM management system essential to larger companies. Working closely with Manzer Ayub at ATM Solutions in Georgia, they came up with a package that is extremely easy to use and very affordable – even for a one-man shop.


The Software as a Service (SaaS) system is a secure, cloud-based solution designed to allow users to access cash orders and cash confirmations, to view transactions in near real-time, providing “instant alerts” to cash-outs, cash loads, missed loads or terminal status messages. It even allows the operators to automatically open service tickets. In addition, SaaS customers can provide secure access to their merchants to view and retrieve ATM operation information and reports in one place – rather than having to login to various processors to retrieve reports.


“I was looking for a simple solution to fulfill my needs,” said Manzer Ayub, CEO of ATM Solutions “ was exactly the solution I needed to help me better manage my 130+ ATMs. Importing my setup information took only seconds. The new solution from Morphis easily saves me 20 hours a month of spreadsheet work, giving me more time to grow my business.” SaaS is now available for independent ATM deployers worldwide. With this affordable, easy-to-use, cloud-based system, smaller IADs including one-man ATM shops can save time and money on everyday operations – and focus on building their business.


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