Monitor Assets & Quickly React with Control Room Solutions


In critical situations, accurate information is an essential part of effective communication, collaboration, and decision making. Control rooms provide the visual capability to monitor live events for a higher level of security. Convergint, partnered with Christie Digital, can implement control room solutions to reduce risk.

Traditionally, command centers are considered part of the security operations domain. Cameras, intrusion detection systems, video &audio recordings, and alarms are just some of the security-related systems effectively monitored and managed in traditional command centers. However, threats to an organization are not limited to physical security, and command centers can process data from a wide range of sources, offering risk mitigation throughout the enterprise. The ubiquity of IP-enabled technology, the increasing access to raw data, and the desire to minimize information silos expand the role of command centers. 

Command centers enhance situational awareness, so events can be managed quickly and effectively. That often means responding to physical threats. When a locked door is suddenly opened, an alarm sounds, and a streamlined response begins.

Command centers often feature a large-format video display. For example, the screen might show a geographical map of a campus or a series of different images that change from green to red when an alarm status is triggered. The anomalous event is clearly registered by everyone in the room and—if required—elsewhere in the organization. What’s more, command centers provide flexible monitoring. Visual displays are networked; they can be monitored remotely, from a laptop, a smartphone, or a backup command center.

A networked control room solution can integrate a variety of solutions. One of them is a video wall. Video walls display a large amount of information used by many viewers simultaneously and collaboratively. When viewers need that information for monitoring anything – people, infrastructure, information or a developing situation – it must be clear, reliable, and precise. 

Benefits of video display walls include the following:

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