Modern Technologies and Innovations at IN TOUCH Almaty 2018


The transformation of bank branches, the evolution of customers’ needs and the digitalization of financial services are key topics at the 11th international conference IN TOUCH 2018, which took place in Almaty on October 25. A significant event in the field of reforming and innovative development of the financial and retail industries was organized by Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos (BS/2) and ASHBURN International, parts of the Penki Kontinentai group, in collaboration with the world’s largest manufacturer of banking and commercial equipment Diebold Nixdorf.

Joachim Struck, Vice President at Diebold Nixdorf CEE Partner Management, presented at the conference the latest trends in the financial industry. He emphasized that banks are interested in closer mutually beneficial cooperation with companies developing financial technologies.

“According to expert data, most banks seek to anticipate customers‘ needs. For example, 69% of clients would love the ability to bank after business hours. 78% of banks plan to transform the branches. The digitalization is a top priority for 80% of banks, because it ensures high availability and flexibility of services, as well as convenience for consumers. Banks and financial institutions see many options for cooperation to attract new customers and expand the range of services,” said Joachim Struck.

Idrakas Dadašovas, Penki Kontinentai group Board Chairperson, believes that the banking technology industry will face two serious problems. One of them is how to keep customers in the digital age. Banks need to adapt to the changing customers’ needs and introduce new digital solutions for comfortable service. Another important objective is to ensure security of information resources and cardholders‘ data.

“Our mission of the group introducing banking technologies is to understand the potential needs of the financial industry and work out new solutions accordingly. Innovative development creates new security threats, so the second important direction of our activity is the protection of confidential customer data and financial transactions. Security is a prerequisite for the successful operation of the self-service banking network,” said Idrakas Dadašovas.

Head of BS/2 regional sales Kornelijus Šišla shared the successful experience of subsidiary (BS/2 Georgia) development in Georgia – from an equipment supplier to an expert in banking technologies and a strategic partner of financial institutions. The company has invested in expanding the range of services and the service network. Over the past year, the number of BS/2 Georgia employees has tripled. The company not only supplies specialized equipment, implements the developed software solutions, but also provides technical support services, provides consulting and personnel training.

Examples of successful long-term cooperation are joint projects with one of the largest banks in Georgia, which entrusted to the company the service of 850 ATMs and 13,000 EFTPOS terminals. The company provides the bank with a full range of services – from planning to the introduction of banking technologies.

BS/2 continues to invest in the market of this country, to develop a partnership with financial organizations, offering the most advanced solutions.

More than 130 representatives of financial organizations and trading companies from Lithuania, Germany, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Georgia, Moldova and Uzbekistan visited IN TOUCH Almaty 2018. They had the opportunity to share the experience, exchange information on tools and work technologies, find new contacts and strengthen the existing partnership. The payment systems, specialized equipment and software solutions were presented at the exhibition of the latest technologies.




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