Meet Denise Man, ATB’s new Head of Digital


Technology and innovation have always been core ingredients of Denise Man’s makeup. With an engineering degree and analytical mindset, she has had a hand in prototyping early neural networks for speech recognition at Nortel, supporting Shaw’s analog to digital conversion in television, and leading transformation strategy for the technology team at Enbridge, as their Chief Technology Officer. She is also the proud owner of seven patents with the USPTO.

Through her impressive career track record and technical background, one of the most pivotal moments for her was becoming a parent. “My family makes me a stronger leader, and what I do in my career and in my work makes me a better mom.”

When she is not changing the world through technology, Denise spends as much time as possible drawing inspiration from her children and spending time with family, where she still exercises her scientific side through her love of baking. “I find baking quite cathartic. Measuring, cooking, enjoying the tastes and smells.” And, just like how the science of technology is not as meaningful or transformative without the people, sharing baking with friends and family is what really matters

Denise is not afraid of deviating from the old recipes to make bold changes. After several years working at the forefront of intellectual property licensing for technology patents, Denise made a mid-career decision to go to law school. Partially to satisfy her hunger for knowledge, for Denise, “going back to school later in life was an opportunity to see the world through a different lens. It really reinforced my love of technology and helped me think differently and see the world from different angles. It made me a stronger technologist. It also made me learn to read a lot faster!”

Denise is excited to bring her bold fearlessness and curiosity to lead ATB’s digital team

“We are experiencing a perfect storm that is enabling disruptive technology. In Alberta, ATB is really at the forefront. It is incredible that we can drive digital transformation to serve Albertans with modern, agile financial services that were previously unimagined.”

“Banking is so personal. Everybody’s needs around finances are so varied. As ATB unlocks this data, we are able to provide unique, personal experiences that meet the needs of individuals, that is really monumental. Not many companies have embraced this potential to the level and degree that ATB has.”

Along with opportunities for technological advancement, one of the things that drives Denise is the ambition to leave a legacy and a better world for her children and for the next generation.

“One of the biggest things that drew me to ATB is the genuine desire to make a difference in Alberta and to build a strong, diversified, inclusive economy. Having seen the impact on people and families of economic downturns, I never want to see Albertans face that type of challenge again. If I can make a difference in that, that is very important for me. It is about growing talent, bringing diversity to our economy, ensuring that people have a livelihood through their banking and through their financial profile.”

In her work in technology and transformation, Denise also cooks up plenty of ideas from time spent with family. “Kids today are growing up digital. I remember when I realized things were really switching when my one-year-old started trying to swipe the TV. She couldn’t speak, but the whole world to her was digital, mobile, tactile. She thought everything worked that way.

“Being a parent really brought together the analytical and human aspects of technology for me. Technology is a science project, but transformation is about culture. A trusting, safe, open, and transparent environment is critical for true transformation.”

“At ATB, I see an environment that is embracing experimentation. That made me really curious, and made me want to be a part of it. I want to be a part of the excitement.”

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