Lease and Commercial Finance merging into ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance


On 1 January, ABN AMRO Lease and ABN AMRO Commercial Finance will be merged into a single entity by the name of ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance N.V.

What lease and commercial finance solutions have in common is that both are asset-based, meaning the client offers collateral for the financing. This may consist of machines, supplies or receivables. Asset based financing makes for an important pillar of ABN AMRO’s services for its corporate clients. As ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance Director Miranda Stokkingreef observes, “In practice, we are seeing more and more clients combine regular financing with asset-based financing. Bringing our asset-based financing solutions under one umbrella will improve the services we provide to our clients.”

ABN AMRO Asset Based Financing focuses on corporate financing, operational asset leasing, stock and receivables financing and credit management. With activities in the UK, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, the entity employs over 750 people.


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