How Self-Service is Transforming Fast Fashion & In-Store Retail Experiences


There’s a myth that needs busting in retail. It goes along the lines of “facilitating payment is the most important part of the customer journey.”

When considering a retailer’s fundamental purpose is to make money, you can see why this notion gains traction, and as a representative of a checkout technology company myself, it’s one I’ve only been too happy to go along with, but I think it misses some key points.

To keep pace with online competitors, brick-and-mortar retailers should be focusing on creating an exceptional in-store experience with signposting, special events, useful services, engaged employees and exciting new technology to ensure the shopper wants to get to the checkout in the first place.

The checkout process should not be something that customers even have to think about – it should just work, and it should be as hassle-free as possible. At our recent TechStyle pop-up shop in London, we showcased a checkout solution that does just that. An innovative “fashion table,” our SCO specifically designed for retail empowers shoppers to scan their own items or even place all of their items on the table at once to be scanned in bulk through RFID technology. The units can be configured to match store branding, aesthetics, materials, etc. and be customized to include functionality like note and coin recyclers.

Our analysis of the retail environment finds that properly implemented SCO solutions offer up to a 75% reduction in staff labor costs, while boosting sales due to reduced lines at checkout. Seamless, fast checkout shouldn’t be a “nice to have.” It’s critical to enabling the experience consumers expect today. And with fewer staff tied up at registers, your employees have more opportunities to ensure the entire in-store shopping experience is superior in every way.

We’ll be at NRF’s Big Show January 13-15, 2019 at the Javits Center in New York City with our suite of retail self-service solutions in the booth for you to demo firsthand. The retail experience is no longer about a simple transaction or a single touchpoint – it’s about the entire shopping journey. Let’s talk about how we can help you enable new ways to engage with your customers and new innovations to help drive growth for your retail organization. Book a booth appointment today!


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