GRGBanking, GCE 2018 held in Guangzhou: A Global Brainstorm for ATM+ and AI


With the rapid and profound changes in the traditional industries driven by innovative technologies, GRGBanking introduces new technologies with the most applicable values and prospects for the banking industry, which solve the pain points during the development within industry and provides opportunities for a better future together with global customers and industrial leaders. To achieve the common goal, GRGBanking and more than 200 industrial experts and bankers from around 50 countries around the world gathered in Guangzhou for a three-day brain storming session addressing the topic of “ATM+ & AI: Transformation with Intelligence”.

Co-hosted by ATMIA, the industry’s authority association and GRGBanking, GCE makes a strong impact on AI industry. Some bankers from different countries shared their experiences and many executives of outstanding companies in banking and AI industries introduced successful stories and solutions to our customers. The world-renowned companies in the AI ​​field, such as Microsoft and IBM, come to share insights about how AI is serving the banking transformation. Additionally, experts from well-known academic institutions, such as the National University of Singapore, shared their insights for the current cutting-edge AI technology. Through the GCE’s success and the strong support of the local government, this event attracted the attention of many global media.

During the GCE, GRGBanking demonstrated its next-generation ATMs and automation series of equipment with complete software solutions at its AI Innovation Center. Recently attention has been given to demonstrating AI technology development including facial recognition, finger vein recognition, voiceprint recognition, big data analysis, blockchain such as data security technology, and other innovative products. GRGBanking’s current gates embedded with face recognition, VIP customer service systems, new generation ATMs, TCRs, multi-function conference video systems and some other innovative products, provided a unique and impressive customer experience.

With big data application and AI technologies, the four business strategies: intelligent finance, intelligent transportation, smart city, and convenience retail provide AI solutions based on various technologies presented in today’s industry, and all show the determination, strength and speed of the transformation of GRGBanking.

During the GCE’s summit, the official unveiling of the FINTECH Research Institute of GRGBanking was an important step in ensuring the transformation of AI. GRGBanking has delivered a clear message “Together, Make our future” to our global partners through GCE.


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