GRGBanking Explored the Banking Digital Transformation in Pakistan with its Partners ——The Pakistan Customer Seminar was successfully held


The Pakistan Customer Seminar, organized by GRGBanking and its local partner HOBM, was successfully held in Karachi on September 5th, 2018.

With the theme of ‘Creative Digitizing Solutions’, the event attracted more than 150 C-Level bankers and experts from over 30 banks. The guests warmly discussed the future banking and the experience of digital transformation. Mr. Adam Lee, the general manager of GRGBanking HK Co., Ltd, gave a speech about the challenges and opportunities under new technologies while Mr. Taslim Qazi, the DFSD director of Central Bank of Pakistan, introduced the existing circumstances of Pakistani banking industry.

Developing local sales & service team and providing customized products & solutions, the core technologies master GRGBanking managed to conquer extremely bad quality notes situation in many countries which other vendors failed to. As the first company that introduced recycling technology to Pakistan, GRGBanking is fully ready to reduce the operation cost and reduce the deputes between banks and customers for Pakistani banking. 

During the Seminar, GRGBanking also demonstrated its superior products includes the recycler H68N, the new generation dispenser H22V and the intelligent deposit machine P2800L & P2600. These intelligent equipment and solutions draw great attention of the guests and the OCR technology was highly spoken of. In the future, GRGBanking will embrace the digital transformation and break the barrier of channels to optimize the banking transformation in a digital and humanistic way.


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