GivePay Gift Card Mall – Coming soon to an ATM near you


GivePay™, a division of GivePay Commerce™ based in Fort Worth, TX, has developed an innovative Gift Card Mall solution for thousands of retail ATMs. The GivePay Gift Card Mall brings kiosk-like functionality to existing retail ATMs through partnerships with leading ATM manufacturers and gift card providers.

GivePay has signed a definitive agreement with the largest manufacturer of retail ATMs globally, Nautilus Hyosung, to introduce the program at the ATMIA conference in Las Vegas, NV. Other leading ATM manufacturers such as GenMega and Triton have also agreed to incorporate the GivePay application, making the sale of digital gift cards and wireless payments available to thousands of ATMs and ATM operators beginning Q2, 2018.

No Plastic Needed: While waiting for cash at participating ATMs, customers will be given the opportunity to send a gift card via text or pay their wireless account. GivePay sends gift cards from updated ATMs utilizing the GivePay platform in real-time. Recipients receive digital gift cards, most of which can be saved to their smartphone with Apple Wallet® or Android Pay® for easy storage and redemption.

“We’re excited to be the first manufacturer to introduce the GivePay Gift Card Mall solution through Nautilus Hyosung ATMs,” said Jason Kuhn, VP of Product Marketing and Planning at Nautilus Hyosung America. Min Hyung Kye, Chief Strategy Officer of Nautilus Hyosung America, said, “GivePay’s unique approach to dynamically delivering payment solutions with our ATMs, coupled with our objectives to bring value added transactions to ATM operators and consumers, fits well with our long-term vision of being the market leader in the ATM industry.”

GivePay Commerce introduced at NAC last year, providing new ways to pay for merchant processing. They will be exhibiting and demonstrating the GivePay platform to ATM operators and other manufacturers at the ATMIA conference, Feb 6th through 8th. At the conference, GivePay will share how operators can monetize digital gift cards and payments through their existing ATMs with no purchased hardware or up-front cost.

“We’re proud to partner with the top manufacturers in the ATM industry for the launch of the GivePay Gift Card Mall,” said Jerry Jackson, CEO of GivePay Commerce. “We love working with ATM operators as agents of our payments division, Now, we’re pleased to introduce an entirely new marketplace for ATM operators with GivePay. We believe adding GivePay will dramatically improve revenue and utility of participating ATMs while improving the overall value of owning an ATM portfolio.”

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