GCB Customer Service To Improve Tremendously Next Year- MD



The Managing Director of GCB Bank, Mr. Anselm Ray Sowah, said that the quality of Customer Service in the Bank will see a major turnaround by the middle of next year.

“I want to see a new GCB delivering a totally different quality of service, a very efficient and exciting one right from when the customer enters GCB and staff will be provided with the necessary tools to deliver,” he assured.


Mr. Sowah was commenting on three awards recently won by the Bank for service quality. He commended staff for their contribution that has culminated into these awards and for making stakeholders proud.

GCB within the past two months has been adjudged the Most Compliant Bank in Africa as well as the Safest Bank in Ghana for Investment by international agencies and, Best Money Transfer Bank in Ghana by RIA International Money Transfer. GCB is known for its high standards with rules and regulations that govern banking in this country.

Mr. Sowah, who is passionate about service quality and customer experience said, he would want to see a GCB that has been transformed into a brand synonymous with excellent customer service.


He further lauded the introduction of the “Meeter-Greeter” at various branches of the Bank. The concept is all to do with a dedicated staff of the branch called the “Meeter-Greeter” who receives customers at the point of entry and ensures that they are directed to the right service point for attention.

GCB has a positioning statement of being the most welcoming bank and has started putting in place the structures and procedures which give true meaning to this statement for which the Meeter-Greeter initiative is one.

He commended the first group of Meeter-Greeters for their impressive input which is already yielding results in terms of feedback that has reached the Management of the Bank.


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