Establishment of ATMs of Resalat Bank and City in the border areas


by Parsa Co.

By approaching the days of Arbaeen Hosseini, many of Iranians are preparing themselves to attend the ceremony in Karbala. The number of Iranian pilgrims taking part in the Arbaeen ceremony is projected to increase significantly this year. The use of banking services in border towns has always been the concern of Arbaeen pilgrims.

Electronic processing company Rashid Samaneh (Parsa) is proud to provide the possibility of deploying ATMs of Resalat and City Banks on Chazbah, Shalamcheh and Mehran boundaries.

The company, with the use of a powerful workforce and infrastructure tailored to the situation in Iraq, was able to provide appropriate services to pilgrims by installing, supporting, nursing and paying 25 ATMs and 8 ATMs in Pasargad Bank last year.


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