Dutch banks to hire security guards to protect ATMs


Rabobank in the Netherlands is employing security guards at ATM locations which have residential properties above or adjacent to them.

In April residents of 16 homes had to be evacuated after an ATM attack which used explosive materials to gain access to the ATM contents. Residents were evacuated whilst bomb disposal technicians made the remaining explosive materials safe.

The Netherlands saw 79 explosive ATM attacks in 2016. The popularity of explosive attacks of ATMs is increasing around the world due to the ease of access to explosive materials and the relatively low risk / high reward that such an attack offers criminals.

Rabobank have admitted that hiring the security guards will be a significant additional cost and as such they will be using a mix of  security measures to protect all 2000 of its ATMs.

Rabobank and ING have also taken the decision to close ATMs in high-risk locations. Rabobank closed 30 ATMs in 2016 and ING, 100 ATMs.

A spokesperson for Rabobank explained that not all attacks against ATMs were successful as the explosion often destroyed the cash inside the ATMs.

Thi increase in ATM attacks, especially in residential areas coupled with the uncontrolled nature of the explosions makes it highly likely that future attacks will result in serious injury, or death.


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