Compass Plus offers active-active database clustering on TranzAxis


Nottingham, UK – 22 March 2018 – Compass Plus, an international provider of retail banking and electronic payments software to processors and financial institutions, has announced the new active-active database clustering feature on its open development payments platform, TranzAxis, enabling system upgrades with zero downtime.

The active-active cluster is made up of two databases actively running the same services simultaneously. The cluster distributes workloads intelligently across the databases in order to maximise efficiency and prevent overloading, resulting in a significant improvement in throughput and response times.

If one database fails, TranzAxis enables the seamless transition of traffic to the functioning database, resulting in zero downtime. The risks related to upgrading the system are also minimised as active-active database clustering allows final testing to be performed during the upgrade procedure itself.

“The addition of active-active database clustering demonstrates our commitment to continuously enhancing the functionality available on our TranzAxis payments platform,” said Anatoly Kaptsan, Chief Software Architect, Compass Plus. “By eliminating downtime in the upgrade procedure, we are ensuring that we prioritise our customers and their technology requirements, whilst remaining at the forefront of the payments market.”


About Compass Plus:

Compass Plus provides comprehensive, fully integrated and flexible payments software and services that help financial institutions and payment service providers meet rapidly changing market demands. Our diverse customer base spans retail banks, processing centres, national switches and personalisation centres in countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, North and South America. With more than 25 years’ experience, Compass Plus helps build and manage all-scale electronic payment systems that generate new revenues and improve profits for its customers.


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