Coastal Community Announced as Pilot in Roll-Out of Everlink Certified NCR Interactive Teller Machine with ATM Duality


Everlink Payment Services Inc. announced today that Coastal Community Credit Union has selected to roll-out NCR’s ATM/ITM as part of a pilot that will see 5 of their ITMs upgraded to provide members with the option to perform either Interactive Teller transactions, or regular ATM transactions on the same multi-functional device. The announcement comes a few short weeks after Everlink announced that they were the first in Canada to certify the innovative NCR Interactive TellerMachine with ATM Duality (ATM/ITM).

The ATM/ITM combines remote full-service teller banking with the remote transaction processing banking technology embedded within the ATM to give members and customers the choice of self-service or connecting with a remote teller in a highly personalized, two-way audio/video interaction. As a major ATM transaction processor for Canadian credit unions and banks, Everlink has specifically certified the ATM functionalities of the machine with NCR’s CSA ITM/ATM v3.0 software. The CSA ATM/ITM duality functionalities can be made available for devices that are built based on the SelfServ 663x model and the latest SelfServ 6684 model.

“In today’s dynamic environment, when, where and how our members and clients want to be served is evolving,” said James Mitchell, VP, Technology with Coastal Community. “We are committed to blending the latest in technology with highly personal service to offer an excellent customer experience. Working with Everlink to add traditional self-serve ATM functionality to our ITMs at the touch of a button helps us continue to offer the best possible service to members.”

“When we spoke to Coastal Community about the NCR ATM/ITM certification and pilot, they were very eager to be at the forefront of the roll-out. We are very excited to partner with Coastal Community and enable them to be the first in Canada to embrace the new NCR ATM/ITM capabilities for the benefit of their members,” says Mark Ripplinger, President & CEO at Everlink. “We have been working closely with both Coastal Community and NCR to ensure a successful pilot, and look forward to further conversations involving our credit union and bank partners once the pilot is complete.”


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