CCB and GRGBanking built the first unmanned bank in China



On April 9th, CCB Shanghai Branch Jiujiang Road branch, the first complete self-service branch in China, officially went into service. GRGBanking provided “AI + Finance” solutions for this unmanned branch, promoting industrial transformation with AI technologies, which indicates GRGBanking has successfully evolved from an ATM manufacturer to an industrial AI solution provider.


Face recognition solution provided by GRGBanking to appear in the “unmanned branch”.


Experiencing “Face swiping”

The CCB unmanned branch built a complete self-service platform by applying face recognition, voice recognition, data mining, VR, AR and other cutting-edge technologies. Assisted by intelligent robot, customer’s requirement can be satisfied by VTM, STM and other intelligent equipment. GRGBanking’s face recognition, voice recognition and other AI technologies guarantee an accurate identity authentication. The self-service equipment developed by GRGBanking not only covers more than 90% of traditional cash and non-cash services, but also provides a private operating space for VIP customers. The consulting service for complex transactions can be conduct by account manager through remote VTM service system.


Experiencing remote service on VTM

“AI + Finance” is one of the key breakthroughs of GRGBanking’s innovation-driven strategy. As for now, GRGBanking has many successful cases in financial industry and other non-finance industries that integrated with intelligent video & voice system, biometric solution, intelligent human-computer interaction and other AI technologies. The unmanned branch jointly built by CCB and GRGBanking has strong demonstration effects for “AI + Finance” application scenario in domestic market promoting the industrial transformation with integration of AI, big data and other intelligent technologies.


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