Cash Depot Maps a New Future with Morphis


by Morphis Inc.

DALLAS, TX — Green Bay, Wisconsin based Cash Depot, the largest individually owned ATM company in the world, announced it has gone into full production with MorphisOptimized Vehicle Routing or MOVR™.

MOVR is the most recent addition to the cash logistics software suite from Morphis. MOVRs mission for Cash Depot is to optimize daily field service logistics for 70 techs across all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

“Logistics IS our business,” said Dave Charles, Sr., owner of Cash Depot and Revolution Air.  “Every day our field associates were being tasked with answering the question, ‘Where should I go next?’ That’s not to say there is no plan. There is. Everyone starts their day with a planned route assignment, but then all hell breaks loose. And this is every day.”

“At the beginning of every day it’s pretty easy for us to know the best place for each tech to go first,” said Kevin Shaver COO of Cash Depot. “After that, it gets more complicated because the day’s workload expands ‒ primarily with high priority jobs. By the time our workday gets rolling, new priority calls have changed everything we planned. Without real-time visibility from our dispatch operations center in Green Bay, techs were deciding where to go next; that’s when the tail starts wagging the dog.”

“That’s where Morphis MOVR comes in,” said Alif Rahman President of Morphis, “MOVR compares every order for service ‒ break-fix, cash, high priority, low priority ‒ to all of the resources Cash Depot has available at that moment and then optimizes the daily routine for each. As new orders for service are accepted MOVR finds the ‘best person at the best place’ and inserts that new order into a revised route and delivers specific instructions directly to that technician’s smartphone.”

Gary D Faulkner, CEO of Morphis remarked, “This new product is significant to Morphis. MOVR is an opportunity for us to expand our global marketplace beyond our traditional ‘secured cash logistics’ vertical to the much broader non-secure transportation logistics space.”

As a cloud-based platform, MOVR makes sense for any sized organization Faulkner also noted.

To learn more about MOVR and how it can benefit your business, visit or contact Debra Miller, Morphis Executive Vice President of Sales & Product Management, by email or at (850) 602-1681 to set up a live demo.

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ABOUT CASH DEPOT — A privately owned, independent full ATM service provider, Cash Depot is one of the few companies that is an All-in-One ATM solution offering ATM sales, leasing, renting, shipping and servicing. Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Cash Depot operates nationwide ‒ in all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico, processing more than 19 million transactions monthly on more than 25,000 ATMs. Visit online or via social media on LinkedIn or Facebook to learn more.


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