Card Sharks: ATM skimming grows more sophisticated


Card sharks  

Do you know if a criminal stole your card information when you swiped at the ATM, or even a gas pump?

ATM skimming, or using a device to steal debit information, is on the rise and getting more sophisticated. Authorities discovered three ATM skimmers in gas stations in Ohio and one in a bank in Florida in the past month.

“Skimming has historically been the number one fraud issue for the ATM channel, so it’s always been, on top of mind for our folks. The financial institutions generally do quite a bit in the way of countermeasures for skimming,” said David Tente, executive director in the U.S. for ATMIA, the ATM industry trade group.

“The ATM operators …are doing as much as they can to try to fight this… It’s an ongoing battle,” Tente added

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