ATMIA Publishes a Study Of The Independent ATM Deployer (IAD) Market In Canada


SIOUX FALLS, SD, USA, 20 November 2018 – Following on from publication in April 2018 of a high-level infographic on IADs in the Americas, the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) has announced completion of a more detailed analysis of the market environment for Independent ATM Deployers (“IADs”) operating in Canada.     

The proprietary analysis is based on data compiled from extensive research and consultation with experts in Canada.  It is the second in an ongoing series of studies that will analyze the environment for IADs in key markets worldwide (ATMIA previously published a study of the IAD market in the United States).

“This analysis completes ATMIA’s first in-depth study of North American IAD markets, following the earlier publication of the IAD market in the US” said Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA. “It illuminates the unique market characteristics that make IAD ATMs such a vital part of Canadian financial services and why cash continues to be preferred by Canadian consumers for face-to-face retail transactions.”

The analysis addresses many topics including the state of the Canadian economy, IAD market share, new product development, and relevant regulatory developments in the market.

“ATM deployment in Canada is growing and both IADs and banks continue to invest in enhancements to ATM functionality,” said Leland Englebardt, Practice Leader of Financial Services at Upshot Advisors, who edited the study.  “The study analyzes the mutually beneficial relationships among Canadian IADS and merchants, for which ATMs are an important component of their product line, and banks, which use IAD ATMs to expand the reach and visibility of their customer service.”

“The two North American markets have many similarities and many important differences,” Lee said.  “Taken together, ATMIA’s studies of Canada and the U.S. provide a wealth of information for IADs already operating in the markets and IADs that may be considering new or expanded investments in North America.”

In 2019, ATMIA will publish additional market analyses addressing IAD activities across the world.

The Canada study will be published on November 20, 2018 and can be accessed through the ATMIA website.

Members may purchase the paper here for $150. Non-members may purchase the paper here for $500.

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