ATMIA Launches Next Gen ATM Business Case Toolkit


The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) has announced publication of an economic analysis of its Next Generation ATM Ecosystem (“NextGen”).  The analysis quantifies the cost savings and additional revenue opportunities that ATM channel stakeholders can achieve by implementing the NextGen.

The announcement follows the October 18 launch event for NextGen at the ATM & Payments Innovation Summit in Madrid.  The analysis will be published today.   

“NextGen is a comprehensive road map to a 21st century ATM infrastructure,” said Mike Lee, President of ATMIA.  “It was created over the past two years through active collaboration of more than 180 companies from all over the world.  We can now identify specifically how adoption of NextGen will create economic benefits for every stakeholder in the value chain.”

ATMIA’s NextGen project brought banks, independent ATM operators (IADs), hardware and software providers, service providers and other experts together to create a blueprint for simpler and more efficient ATMs, with enhanced security, that interact with all mobile devices and offer greatly expanded services.

“The economic analysis enables companies in all sectors of the ATM industry to quantify the potential return on investment (ROI) from implementing NextGen,” said Leland Englebardt, Practice Leader at Upshot Advisors, who authored the study.  “It itemizes all the cost savings, revenue enhancements, and strategic benefits that NextGen can deliver.  Armed with that information, the people who manage ATM businesses can make a stronger and more comprehensive case for their company to invest in NextGen.”

The analysis includes 44 specific economic impacts that are directly or indirectly driven by NextGen, identifies the stakeholder groups most likely to benefit from each impact, categorizes each impact as short-term or long-term, and provides formulas and tools that help each user calculate the total economic benefit to their business.

Along with the analysis, ATMIA will publish interactive, downloadable financial worksheets for calculating NextGen’s ROI.  The worksheets are tailored to specific stakeholder groups and pre-populated with the NextGen revenue and cost-saving items most relevant to each group.  The worksheets measure net economic returns from NextGen over a three-year period and can be modified by the user to address their own relevant time frame.  Business owners can enter their own data and see the result in local currency. 

Comments at the launch event in Madrid in October uniformly reflected high confidence that the combination of a thorough analysis plus ready-to-use worksheets will materially enhance the likelihood that ATM business owners can implement NextGen.

“Breathing life into the NextGen vision will require investments of effort and funds by everyone in the ATM channel,” Lee said.  “The Business Case toolkit, as we call it, will help everyone be well-prepared to make a strongest argument for resources during their company’s internal budgeting process, which is one of the first and biggest milestones on the road to implementation of any new technology.”

The NextGen Business Case Matrix is available for download by ATMIA members and others and can be accessed through the ATMIA website.

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