ATMIA asks ATM deployers to respond to new city regulations


The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) is asking ATM operators in the City of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, to respond to recently implemented new regulations for “non-bank” ATMs.  A ‘non-bank” ATM is defined as an ATM that is not located at a bank branch – which would thus include all off-premise and retail ATMs.  Requirements include:

  • A new $150/terminal/year registration fee
  • ATM secured to the floor or a wall
  • Two video cameras – location entrance view and ATM view
  • GPS device and tracking services
  • Bollards or other barriers in front of the location
  • Minimum lighting requirements

ATMIA has contacted the city council regarding the unintended consequences of these new regulations and their harmful impact on both businesses and consumers.  ATMIA is urging all ATM operators with locations within the city limits of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, to contact city council members and let them know how these regulations will impact local businesses.  Names and contact information are shown below.

Any ATM operator anticipating the need to either increase surcharge fees or remove one or more locations in the Cleveland Heights area is asked to provide that information to ATMIA USA Executive Director, David Tente.  All such data will be compiled and sent to the Cleveland Heights City Council and local media.

Cleveland Heights City Council members and contact information:

Mary Dunbar ( 216.291.7135
Carol Roe ( 216.291.9215.
Kahlil Seren ( 216.307.7090
Michael Ungar ( 
Melissa Yasinow ( 216.395.4629


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