Appalachian Community Federal Credit Union Partners with Automated Transaction Delivery to Better Serve Small Communities


Gray, TN – Appalachian Community Federal Credit Union (ACFCU) is an award-winning, socially responsible financial cooperative serving communities in northeast Tennessee, southwest Virginia and eastern Kentucky. ACFCU has partnered with Automated Transaction Delivery (ATD) to provide community and economic development to underserved individuals and businesses in some of its most rural service areas through the use of advanced self-service technologies.

ACFCU leaders knew the traditional branch and teller model was not financially sustainable in the most remote potential service areas. They approached their current ATM provider, First Regents Banc Services, looking for a solution to this difficult challenge. First Regents then reached out to the systems integrators at Automated Transaction Delivery. Convinced of a potential solution, ACFCU applied for and won a $300,000 grant from the Opportunity Finance Network, which provided the upfront capital to move forward. Its first virtual teller machine went live in late May in Booneville, Ky.

The team at Automated Transaction Delivery, in keeping with its mission of using the latest technology to enable the greatest delivery at the best possible value, proposed its Digital Banking Centers™ as a solution.  Working with its partner, Absolute Financial Services, ATD developed a system integrating the Nautilus Hyosung MX 8800 Assisted Self-service cash recycling device (MX8800) and its associated superior remote assistance software. The device also integrates the enhanced self-service transaction capability of ELAN™ Financial Services and high-availability, PCI compliant connectivity provided by Ventus Global Networking Solutions for ease and flexibility of network communications. The solution also includes many other services provided by our industry leading partners.  The solution uses the Self-Service first, assistance where needed method of consumer service adopted by many industries.  It currently delivers 70% of consumer required transactions in a self-service manner and assisted service transactions using remote teller assistance and control functionality. It is also the first standalone device able to perform assisted platform transactions, such as opening new accounts. Appalachian Community Federal Credit Union and its partners at Automated Transaction Delivery continue to develop new technology to further enhance the capability to service consumers in the most convenient, reliable and cost effective manner.

About Automated Transaction Delivery

Automated Transaction Delivery is a Fintech company Founded in 2015 and led by its 30-year industry veteran and CTO, Fred Wheeler and its 17-year veteran CEO, Trey Prats. We continue to focus solely on our mission of developing technology to help community and regional financial institutions serve consumers and grow their business. Working with our primary partners at Absolute Financial Services, an industry leading ATM provider and supported services company, we will continue our relentless pursuit of locating and integrating the best products and services available. 

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