ABN Amro payments app Tikkie gets a makeover


ABN AMRO’s popular payment app Tikkie is getting new features.

You will soon be able to use the app to transfer money to other Tikkie users regardless of whether you know their IBAN. With Tikkie, you will also be able to pay in a flash for your purchases in webshops, without having to fill in your address details. Meanwhile, businesses will benefit from new commercial features as well.

Express Checkout in webshops and new features for businesses

Freek de Steenwinkel, Director of Tikkie, explains: “These new features reaffirm Tikkie’s front runner status in mobile payments. With over 4 million users and 2,000 business clients in the Netherlands, Tikkie is better positioned than other payment apps to pioneer new ways of simplifying payment processes between consumers and businesses. Tikkie users starting up the app will soon discover a different layout from what they’re used to. Cleaner, with three easily recognisable buttons at the bottom of the screen: scan QR-code, Pay and Payment Request.”

Tikkie PAY: transferring money to a mobile phone number

The ‘pay’ option is new. Users can transfer money to another Tikkie user without having first received a payment request – and without needing to know a user’s IBAN. All they need to do is select a recipient from their Tikkie address book and go through the usual iDeal payment process. The recipient gets a message confirming the payment. The advantages are that people no longer have to wait for someone else to send them a payment request, and that the recipient’s IBAN is not required. Tikkie recognises the other Tikkie user’s telephone number and knows which account number to transfer the amount to.

Express checkout

Another new Tikkie feature is the ‘SuperSnelBetalen’ feature (express checkout) in webshops. Regular online shoppers know that sinking feeling: you’ve forgotten your password or you’re asked to fill in a long form with all sorts of personal details before you can check out. Tikkie makes online purchases a lot simpler. When placing an order, users – if they want to – can fill in their address details, just once, in Tikkie SuperSnelBetalen. From then on, Tikker users buying from webshops that support this feature can skip the address form and use Tikkie to pay right away. Tikkie then instructs the webshop where to send the product. And the next time you buy online, even if it’s in a different shop, Tikkie remembers your address and you can complete your online purchase with just a few mouse clicks.

App for business users

Businesses are showing a keen interest in Tikkie-type payment options for commercial use – with higher limits and their own logos and GIFs – and Tikkie has responded by adding features to the app especially for businesses. Plumbers and window cleaners, for example, can now send a Tikkie right on the customer’s doorstep. Late November, the revamped Tikkie portal will be going live, where businesses can conveniently send big batches of Tikkies to their customers.


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